Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bipolar Brut

Innocent looking, isn't he? This is Daddy dog, Brut. He is part Siberian Husky and Chow. He is a very dominant dog and has an aggressive nature towards other dogs. On doing some studying on aggressive dogs, I read the nature of an aggressive dog is like that of being bipolar and may actually be considered as such. They have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Brut has been a challenge to say the least, but my bond with him is very strong. When we went to pick him out, he was 4 weeks old, and he was not the one I wanted, but when the breeder picked him up, I was locked him for some strange and mysterious reason that I could not explain.

It did not take long to see there was something different about Brut from the time we brought him home. He had wild, crazed eyes, like that a wolf pup. He was tenaciously high strung and bull headed like no other creature I'd even encountered. He did not have a proper puppy hood before we got him, which I believe extenuated this wild behavior. It was more than a challenge to say the least as I had never dealt with an aggressive dog before.

Yet, I could relate to him. I began to understand over the course of the next few years my manias and the way they felt by observing him. Brut is like ball of electricity when he is on his manias. You can literally feel the charge of his aura around him, like static. The energy bristling through his fur. The wild craze look that comes over his Carmel colored eyes, ready for a fight. Which is exactly how I would feel.

When Brut was a year a half old, he began to calm. This was also about the time I began to calm. It took plenty of patience, love, understanding and strong discipline to be able to get him to a place where I could trust him. Our biggest connection has been our walks. There we find for the most part each of us in tune with each other. Our biggest level being respect for each other. I understand the lack of control of brain chemistry. I understand the fight to survive, having everyone against you and wanting to throw you away because you don't fit in the right category. I understand being different and not being able to stop actions and behaviors because your brain short circuits for reason unknown to you. I also understand what it means when someone believes in you and loves you despite all of that. We seem to be able to listen to each other and know what the other is thinking.

There is also another side to Brut that is more apparent each day. He sweet and lovable. He is cajole, sly and playful. He is highly intelligent, focused and loyal. He is unlike any other dog I have been around or owned, cut from a different cloth. The energy is always different when he is in the room. All my dogs get along with each other pretty good. Yes, there have been confrontations between Brut and the other dogs, but then all the dogs have had them at some point with each other. That is just a given having a pack of dogs living in the same house.

Maybe bipolar is more common in the animal world than is known. Or maybe we are more like the animal kingdom then we are aware or give credit to. All I know is that Brut and I are more alike than sometimes I care to admit and I believe there is a reason he came into my life. I think we are here to help each other with our bipolar condition and to learn and grow from it.


Mart the Fart said...

I adore the way you relate to Brut and how he mirrors your feelings and condition. It's as if when he picks up, you pick up and vice versa. There is obviously a beautiful strong bond between you both and this bond certainly helps you through your life. When my wife had her stroke, our dog sat with her and stayed with her throughout the ordeal and protected her from strangers. I see Brut as your guardian as well. He does look very lovable.Mart.

midnight rainbow said...

Yes, I believe he guides me in many ways. There is something different about him and it seems to be that difference that makes me drawn to him in a unique and strange way.

Sorry to hear about your wife. Isn't it simply awesome how dogs know and care without anyone having to tell them. My prayers to both of you.