Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blank Page

Since the converging of my bipolar symptoms and my childhood,(post: A New Beginning) my mind has become a blank slate about being bipolar. Suddenly I feel like I don't know anything about it. What it meant to me before has changed and left the door open for more possibilities than I knew existed. It is in this discovery that I don't know what that meaning is or will be and I am left with an open tablet waiting for the next word. I am still in some state of shock and I am wounded with hurt from my past. Being bipolar holds a different meaning and interpretation now and I am left in wonder as what that will mean in the coming days. For now I am sitting in amazement, staring at this new world before me. Taking everything in, but not quite ready to take that first step. It is scary and beautiful and painful all at the same time. Like seeing a rainbow in the dark. Please join me into my brave new world.

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Mart the Fart said...

You're so right, this is your new beginning and you must grasp it with both hands. Your blog has helped you realise your potential and has given you a way of understanding how you share your life with bipolar. I truly hope you can work with it or perhaps even control it! You're brilliant. Go for it. Mart