Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good day

The title really says it all. It was a good day. Even though I didn't get much sleep the night before and woke up tired, my mind was sound. Ususally when I'm tired I feel depleted, empty, and depressed. I will have to push myself through the day with very little mental energy to work with. My emotions will spiral and splatter all over the walls.

Today I felt great.

If I was manic and tired, I'd become anxious, with zooming thoughts, and I would pace trying to keep up with them not being able to rest my weary body or mind. I would try to lie down and my mind would attack my thoughts to keeping them going.

None of that happened today. Today, I had a good amount of mental and physical energy. I did odd jobs around the house and was outside most of the time with dogs. I rested when I needed and I got going when I needed. It was a beautiful spring day and I enjoyed it. This has got to be the best feeling in the world to be right where I am and not in the throws of swinging back and forth. I'm finally getting a chance to be the real me. The REAL me, not my illness. This is fantastic! I've been cautious for a while about enjoying it, in case it didn't last long, but now I'm just going to enjoy the hell out of it!!


The Rainbow Dreaming said...

Thats great to hear Midnight. Those sort of days are seldom and few for me, and I do enjoy them especially when you're full of energy, or at least baseline! I'm happy for you... :?)

Mart the Fart said...

This is really great news and you must be feeling wonderful. Your picture shows the beauty of nature and this must be a reflection of how you see life today. Nature is wonderful every day, whatever the weather, so keep your inspiration and happy feelings going.Lots of hugs for your good day.

Any news on the Dog Blog? Mart

midnight rainbow said...

Thanks for your support. It has been great feeling so good for so long.

Dog blog is still in process. Hopefully soon!