Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feelings, nothing more than feelings...

I felt today.  I actually felt all kinds of things today.  I felt alive again.  It was great.  My husband was home for part of the day, that was great.  I usually feel great when he is around.  As the time drew near for him to leave for work, my anxiety started to build.  Once he left, I couldn't sit still, I had to move or all the good feelings were going to leach out of my body.  So it was playtime with the dogs.  Anything to keep moving and not fall off the platform into nothing again.  I wasn't happy-go-lucky, but I was feeling something.  When it was time to walk my dog Fiona, then I really felt something.  Walking at 50 mph, on top of the neighbors dog charging us AGAIN, I finally screamed until someone came out, the dog's barking face was about one foot away from my dog's face, and then I finally said something after THREE years of this BS.  They seem to think there is no problem.  Their dog hates all my dogs and ALWAYS charges them.  Boy, was I feeling that.  Not only from the anger, frustration and ignorance of people, but that dog chargine me AGAIN had me shaking so bad, I was scared shitless.  When it is out and sees us, it literally tears straight for us and not to say "hi".  As I shook for the rest of the walk, I called my husband and laid out all my anger of this ridiculous situation and began to lay a plan for resolution.  I should not have to walk in fear down that road because a dog is charging me all the way to the road.   Fucking ridiculous.  When I got back I took my dog Zappa the same route, she kept the dog in.  I know they seem to think it's hilarious, telling me the dog won't do anything.  Bullshit!  The dog is after my dog and is trying invoke a fight.  I'm trying to keep them from fighting.  The dog was lucky today, Fiona didn't react at all, but a couple of mine dogs will.  Can you blame them?  They are being charge at and threatened.  I want to fight the dog.

So, now as it has been a few hours since the incident, I'm exhausted from my adrenaline rush of fear and anger.  I feel rather depleted, but not empty.  So I guess that is a good thing.  I'm pretty proud of myself for finally saying something to the neighbor.  It's obvious they don't plan on fixing the problem because they don't believe there is one.  I'm might have scared her a bit though, since I never said anything before.  Maybe they will think twice, but I doubt it.

So for tonight I've said my peace.  It was still a good day overall.  My body and brain were awake and functioning and feeling.  Which is more than I can say for the last few days and I enjoyed it.  Every bit of it. 

To read more about the dog neighbor issue, check out our new dog blog:  24 Paws of Love. (link at top of page)   


Donda said...

I am SOOOO HAPPY that you are coming out of your downward spiral a little bit!!!

midnight rainbow said...

Thank Donda, I hope to reach your level real soon!!

Tara Sloboda said...

Im glad you said something. I am such a jerk when it comes to my opinions on pet owners and irresponsibility.

There is no reason why (harmless or not) a rogue pet should threaten anothers safety. Why aren't their owners ensuring their safety along with others?

After all...think of this poor dog who is ALLOWED to roam and disturb.

You are among the kind like me - who will simply mention the problem in hopes to have it fixed.

Others - however aren't so nice and might not think twice to shoot at a "stray" for trespassing. These people could have their pet killed for their ignorance.

Dont let it frustrate you too much. I would suggest doing your best nest time to have a pocket full of milk bones....make a friend.."innocently" lure him home and call animal control so this pet can either teach their owners a lesson.

If they are as clueless as they sound...they just may be too cheap for puppy bail and maybe someone can adopt this dog and give it a chance to be properly cared for.

Rest assured - if your dogs turned on this chaser and landed him in vet care...these so called owners wouldn't think twice about making YOU pay.

Something to think about.

In the words of Bob barker..."spay and neuter your pets"