Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Circles

Today has been one of those where I feel like this is my first time walking on this planet.  As if I have been locked underground and was just handed the key.  My mind was sort of frantic, thoughts bouncing around, wanting to do everything and having a hard time concentrating on anything.  I'm so excited about my new found freedom from my childhood past that I almost don't know what to do with myself.  I have all this empty space in my head where all that crap was and I feel some days that all I do is run around in circles in it. 

I've been learning to stop myself from this circle running and today I didn't catch it until later in the day.  I found myself tired from all that running.  Here's a difference though, I was running happy circles.  There wasn't anything bad about it and it was kind of fun.  I've never run happy circles in my life.  So it's kind of cool. When the day started to come to close, I felt sad for a little while, until I decided to blog my feelings.  This is how I come to my own conclusions.  Writing.  Discovering my happy running circles, what they mean and what they are.  This brings me to this moment and how proud I am of running those happy circles.  What better circles to run!! 


Emeila said...

It sounds like you are at peace in your mind. I don't know what you were going through with your child hood but I can understand about those racing thoughts that take over your thinking process. hugs and strength to you

Liana said...

Hey Midnight! You're painting caught my eye! I really like it as some of my art also centres around circles. I also love the colours! Glad to hear you feel free from your past.