Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Don't Look Down

I can't get over the gigantic weight that has been pressing on my chest and pushing me over the edge that has finally been lifted.  They say never look down and I have been bending over the edge with this heavy pressure that has been pressing me over this high cliff.  Just like that it was lifted.  I am impressed with how there is sudden balance in my life.  Both my husband and I are breathing again.  This past week I have become very much aware of the amount of pressure that was lifted off of both of us and how heavy it actually was.  While I wouldn't change a thing about my decision of therapy and what lead up to it, I would have never guessed that this boulder that has been crushing me would crumble.  So for now I am just enjoying what this decision has done so far and my god, I might even have a little bit of hope.  Not bad for someone who doesn't even know what the freaking word means.  :) 


Natalie said...

You're creating the most amazing definition for hope with each step you take. You embody hope. You give yourself hope. You give others hope. Seriously impressive for someone who doesn't know what the freaking word means. :)

So happy for you and your new found freedom! (And for your husband too!)

midnight rainbow said...

Natalie, is there such a thing as too much hope?? I think you are over doing it. :) Seriously though, love ya!

Natalie said...

I don't think there is such a thing...I actually think the "sensitive" folk like us are slowly but surely creating hope for the world. And the world needs an awful lot of it. :)