Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Confucius say...

A wise man said to me today...Your past is not your problem.

Don't tell him I said that, I have to live with the guy.
And I suddenly agreed.  (which was a million to one shot)

My past is not my problem to fix or change or try to make right. 

Which then suddenly shrunk my past down to nothing. 

A Perspective that finally put my past in it's place. 

And I had a great day kicking that little pebble around!


Mart the Fart said...

Hmmm yeah that's right really. What ever happened in the past has gone forever so why dwell?

Easier said that done though!

I hope you can try to forgive the past first - then forget it.

Have you forgotten that $500 you borrowed from me?


midnight rainbow said...

Why what ever the world could you be talking about Mart?? :)