Sunday, December 11, 2011

not today

the sun bathes the day
flooding my soul
lighting that unknown place
between myself and me
drowning in tediousness
blocks the light
to focus on the perfection of the tasks.

the spotlight
keeps highlighting
the flaws
and scars
those blemishes that don't wash off.
retreating to the darkest corner
I try to sort out the ugly
I can't bear to look today
they cover me
the defectiveness of my being
the rips and tears
they clash and sear in the beams
sliding into that cervice
I don't want to look at me today.


Mart the Fart said...

Hi Midnight. These words ring true. Been there a little myself.

Hope your day got better. Mart

Natalie said...

This is so searingly beautiful, Midnight, and so familiar. Thank you so much for sharing the deepest parts of you...just that act is healing (for writers and readers alike!) even when we don't want to look.

Take care of you.